Micmonster is an AI-assisted text-to-voice tool with a library of over 600 voices that can record audio in 140 different languages and save time and money; it’s a tool no video marketer should be without.

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Do you run a web-based business? Then your social media and digital marketing plan should be emphasizing video content. Unfortunately, videos are time-consuming to produce, especially when it comes to voice overs. If you want to save time, you should check out a tool like Micmonster. With its lifetime subscriptions on sale this week, it’s more budget-friendly than ever.

Micmonster is a popular AI-assisted voice over tool that simplifies the process of recording and editing voice overs. You simply type in your text, select a voice and the app converts it into an audio file that you can easily apply to your video. It’s perfect for social media marketing, podcasts, YouTube videos and basically anything else that requires audio content.

Sure, there are other tools out there that claim to do the same thing. But, while they do convert text into spoken words, they often sound robotic. Because Micmonster is AI-assisted, however, it records voice overs that sound like they were spoken by a real person, complete with inflection and emotion — important qualities to have if you really want to connect with people.

Micmonster offers a library of over 600 voices that can record audio in 140 different languages. You can use a variety of voices for each project to keep things interesting, customize individual pronunciations, preview how something sounds before you render it, and fine-tune everything to make sure your finished product sounds exactly the way you want.

Statistics show 91 percent of businesses use video content as a marketing tool. If you aren’t already using video, then you might be missing out.

Although video production can be difficult and time-consuming, it becomes more manageable with Micmonster AI Voice Overs. And since the price of a lifetime subscription has dropped to just $49.97 — the best price you’ll find on the web — this tool will fit within even the tightest of budgets.

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