#HustleGPT Challenge: GPT-4 Users Share How They Use AI to Start Business! Should You Join Them?

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The #HustleGPT challenge is now trending on Twitter. This started after GPT-4 users shared how they use the new AI model to start their businesses. 

As of press time, the AI race in the tech industry is getting more intense since more and more artificial intelligence tools are being released. 

After the ChatGPT gained lots of users, OpenAI decided to release its new version, GPT-4, on Mar. 14. This new AI model is better than the original ChatGPT since it can do things that its predecessor can’t. 

Now, it seems like GPT-4 is also quite useful when it comes to starting your own business. 

#HustleGPT Challenge: Should You Join? 

According to Fortune‘s latest report, the new GPT-4 is now being used to help users start their own businesses. 

#HustleGPT Challenge: GPT-4 Users Share How They Use AI to Start Business! Should You Join Them?

(Photo : Photo by STEFANI REYNOLDS/AFP via Getty Images)
This photo illustration shows the ChatGPT logo at an office in Washington, DC, on March 15, 2023. – The company behind the ChatGPT app that churns out essays, poems or computing code on command released on March 14, 2023, a long-awaited update of its artificial intelligence (AI) technology that it said would be safer and more accurate than its predecessor.

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It all started when Jackson Greathouse Fall, a popular brand designer, and writer, used the GPT-4 to help him create a business idea. 

To do this, Fall created a prompt that instructs GPT-4 to act as an entrepreneurial AI. In his case, he asked the AI model to start a business with a budget of $100. 

What GPT-4 suggested is to create a marketing site for content about eco-friendly products. For the first step, the AI model instructed Fall to buy the domain name greengadgetguru.com, which only costs less than $10. 

As of writing, Fall is still continuing this business idea provided by the artificial intelligence tool. 

Since GPT-4’s business idea looks quite effective, other users decided to try the AI model to start their own businesses.

Other Things GPT-4 Can Do

Aside from providing business ideas, the new GPT-4 can also do other tasks more efficiently than its predecessor. 

CNN Business reported that since GPT-4 works with photos, it can conduct more analysis. Aside from this, GPT-4 is also better when it comes to coding. 

If you want to learn more about the things that GPT-4 can do, you can click here

In other news, Apple’s answer to ChatGPT is expected to be an updated version of Siri. We also reported about the arrival of Baidu’s Ernie Bot, a new AI model that can compete with ChatGPT. 

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