Beijing: In a bid to accelerate its production rates and cement its quantitative lead over the US, China is set to supercharge its naval shipbuilding program with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

A research team from the China Ship Design and Research Center has used AI operating on a small computer system to design a warship’s electrical systems in one day, South China Morning Post reported earlier this month.

With the help of most advanced computer tools, this task would apparently take human designers 300 days to complete, Asia Times reported.

The findings of the research team were published in the Chinese-language journal Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems last month.

The AI completed 400 jobs with 100 per cent accuracy, according to Luo Wei, a senior engineer at the ship design center, who also noted that although the AI showed areas for improvement, it might speed up China’s shipbuilding program.

How AI works?

According to reports, the AI works by “consulting a database of Chinese ship designs from past decades and then comes up with a design that is checked against the database, with this approach drastically reducing computing resources and eliminating errors.”

Although, the AI made mistakes in the design process, it functions with human guidance and does not work autonomously, sources said.

The AI project obtained military funding because the design process, rather than shipyard capacity, was the principal barrier to accelerating the manufacturing of warships.

The technology can further cement China’s shipbuilding lead over the US, Asia Times reported.

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