With the use of AI in K-Pop and the world in general becoming much more common, a lot of people are understandably worried about their jobs and livelihoods being taken over by artificial intelligence. Artists especially have been feeling threatened by the rise in AI-generated art, and there are many online programs that can generate such art in a matter of seconds or minutes. However, such “art” is often flawed and lacks creativity that can only be accomplished by real people, and we recently generated some photorealistic-style paintings of BTS‘s members to prove it. Using the Hotpot AI Art Generator, here’s a look at some eerie renditions of each of the members.

1. RM


With all of the members, the first prompt we gave the AI generator was just their stage name, and nothing else. Here is what was created for the prompt “RM”.

When we used the next prompt, “RM from BTS”, for some reason the generator decided to give him lighter hair, but otherwise it mostly stayed the same.

Finally, we used RM’s full name — Kim Namjoon — for the last prompt, and once again his hair color is the most drastic change. We’d also argue that this is the most similar to RM out of all of the photos… But that’s not saying much.

2. Jin


When we typed just “Jin” as the prompt in the generator, it seems that the AI program wasn’t sure which Jin we were looking for, so it presented us with an unknown woman photo.

We did get a man for “Jin from BTS”, but it still looks absolutely nothing like Jin himself!

And lastly, we used Jin’s full name — Kim Seokjin — as the prompt, which gave us a more chiseled face than the previous one, but still nowhere near Jin’s handsome visuals!

3. Suga

Suga (BTS)

As with Jin, for some reason when we just used “Suga” as the prompt, the AI generator gave us a more feminine face.

Next, with the prompt “Suga from BTS”, we did get a more masculine face, with an interesting magenta shade of hair.

The last prompt using Suga’s name — Min Yoongi — does seem to be at least trying to get some of the BTS member’s features more accurate, but the actual result is kind of scary.

4. J-Hope

J-Hope (BTS)

The photos that the AI generator created for J-Hope are almost insulting. For the first prompt, “J-Hope”, it gave us this bright red-haired man that has none of the BTS member’s charm and sunny appearance.

The next image, using the prompt “J-Hope from BTS”, un-whitewashed the image a little and isn’t quite as terrible, but for some reason kept the bright red hair from the first.

Finally, using J-Hope’s full name — Jung Hoseok — the AI generator gave us this 3/4 profile view which, while not horrible to view, doesn’t look anything like J-Hope himself.

5. Jimin

Jimin (BTS)

Out of all the members, Jimin’s three photos remained the most consistent between them, though they still aren’t very accurate to the BTS member. Here’s what we were given for the prompt “Jimin”.

The difference between the first picture and the one using the prompt “Jimin from BTS” is pretty minimal, mostly just looking lighter overall.

Lastly, using Jimin’s full name — Park Jimin — as the prompt, we were given a photo extremely similar to the first one, but still not similar to Jimin himself.

6. V


Unsurprisingly, just using the prompt “V” with nothing else gave us an image nowhere near the BTS member. We’re not sure who this woman is supposed to be!

Using the prompt “V from BTS” at least gave us a man, but once again, the image looks nothing like the BTS member in question, and for some reason also has the same magenta-colored hair found in several other photos. Maybe the AI thinks all of BTS just has reddish hair?

When using V’s full name — Kim Taehyung — we got this image, which is very different than the first two pictures, but once again doesn’t look anything at all like V himself. Who is this man??

7. Jungkook


And lastly, we did Jungkook. The AI seemed to have a hard time with this one (at least, more than the others, which is saying something), and when using the prompt “Jungkook”, it gave us this random dark reddish-haired guy.

Using the prompt “Jungkook from BTS” got us a little closer to Jungkook’s actual appearance, but we still wouldn’t say it looks very similar to the group’s maknae.

Finally, using Jungkook’s full name — Jeon Jungkook — resulted in an image fairly similar to the first for some reason. The same strange eyes, the same dark red hair… No one would mistake this for Jungkook.


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