In December 2022, Twitter CEO Elon Musk criticized OpenAI‘s ChatGPT as being too “woke”. 

OpenAI cofounder and president Greg Brockman responded to Musk and admitted that the startup “made a mistake.”

Brockman said in an interview with The Information, “We made a mistake. The system we implemented did not reflect the values we intended to be in there,” Brockman told The Information. “And I think we were not fast enough to address that. And so I think that’s a legitimate criticism of us.”  

Earlier, The Information reported Musk is working to develop a competitor to ChatGPT and has approached AI researchers about a potential research lab. 

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Musk cofounded OpenAI in 2015 but left the company in 2018. He has criticized OpenAI for the way it is producing responses to queries. He showed his concern while responding to a retweet of a screenshot of ChatGPT’s answer to a question about a hypothetical scenario involving racial slurs. 

Last month, a screenshot of a ChatGPT conversation was posted on Twitter, showing the chatbot declining to generate a positive poem about former U.S. President Donald Trump but writing eloquent poetry when asked about President Joe Biden. Musk called the response a severe concern.        

“Our goal is not to have an AI that is biased in any particular direction,” Brockman added. “We want the default personality of OpenAI to be one that treats all sides equally. Exactly what that means is hard to operationalize, and I think we’re not quite there.”

According to a statement on OpenAI, the company is already working on stabilizing ChatGPT to deal with the issues surrounding its profound responses to queries. 

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