Socratic is a learning app from Google that helps high school and university students understand their school work.

We use Google to find whatever we don’t already know through our everyday studies.
But, there are occasions when we have to visit numerous websites in order to discover the answer to a question we don’t know, which takes a lot of time.

So now we’re going to speak about an app that Google developed for people who learn like us. It uses Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) and search technologies to connect students to helpful educational resources from the web and sites such as YouTube.

Socratic by Google is the name of the app. This software is simple to download from the Google Play Store. Head to the below link to download.
Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details

Hence, irrespective whether it’s a phrase, sentence, or mathematical calculation, we may understand something that we don’t understand with the help of this software.
All you need to do is snap a picture.
Google will then extract the necessary text from the image and explain what it means as well as any additional details.

Complex calculations are simple to perform

One of the unique characteristics of this program is that we can use it to scan math problems that we don’t know how to solve and provide solutions. This software may provide detailed instructions on how to resolve the issue regardless of whether these numbers are printed or scribbled on paper.


Similarly to that, this app also recommends a ton of different websites that will aid us in improving our math problems. So you can use this software to look at those items and use them to solve any mathematical problem. You are capable of resolving both math and scientific issues.

You initially believed that this program could only be used to solve math problems. No, this program allows you to search even if you are unfamiliar with a science subject. Finally, using pertinent illustrations, this software provides us with the information we need to know.

Moreover, voice commands can be used. In order to get the information we need from this program, we must use voice commands. The program allows us to search for anything, including videos with step-by-step instructions that explain concepts we don’t understand.

So the ultimate benefit is that the students can easily study and do their homework at home.


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