The rise of AI has been slow and steady, but if you haven’t been watching, it might seem rather sudden. Nevertheless, it extends far beyond ChatGPT and rather than fear it or scoff at it, here are some ways you can harness its power for your own ends.

ChatGPT and visual AI software such as Midjourney have reached a level of virality that means few people aren’t aware of some form of wildly impressive AI. There is a lot of fear surrounding the varying forms of AI technology as it threatens some of the more basic jobs, but the focus for photographers, videographers, and content creators ought to be on the value it can provide to your workflow.

A decade ago, when I needed to cut a subject out from the background, I had to spend an age working at 500% zoom with the pen tool; it was insufferable. Now, I click “Select Subject” in Adobe Photoshop and feather the selection a little — done. AI can enrich your workflow and make your life easier and your jobs quicker, you just have to put the time into working out how to integrate it. This video does a good job of showing 5 AI tools for video editing to ensure your content.

Do you use any AI in your work? If so, what? Share your experiences in the comments below.


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