A lot of AI functionality has been developed with one specific goal in mind: to make our lives a little easier and more convenient. Modern life is getting ever busier, and the automation of repetitive tasks is something we all appreciate. ChatGPT is a revolutionary concept as it is, but extensions and collaborations with other AI software advances its utility even further. Just as the GhostWrite extension can automatically generate lengthy emails from just limited prompts, Noty.ai automatically remembers every detail of Google Meets meetings and Zoom Calls.

Noty.ai describes itself as meeting transcription software. Those who have painstakingly taken minutes of meetings will immediately recognize how invaluable this functionality could be. Having a full, automated transcript running in an inconspicuous window in real-time, like a Twitch chat room, means this easy-to-use extension has huge potential.

Users simply need to download the extension from the Chrome Web Store, then sign into Google Meets and activate Noty.ai. During their next meeting, they can just log into the extension and hit the play button, then watch as the full content of that meeting is live-transcribed for them.

After the meeting’s over, the real magic happens.


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