GhostWrite is named partially because it takes much of the actual writing on board for the user, just as a real ghostwriter does. It’s also named this because, as is the wont of apps, extensions, tools, and software everywhere, it has an adorable little mascot — in this case, a black ghost with glowing yellow eyes named Inky. As the Chrome Web Store listing explains, the user needs only provide the gist of what they want their email to be about — “Ask my supervisor, Tom, for a raise” is the example given — through a few bullet points or short sentences, and Inky will set about crafting the full text. It’s powered by sophisticated AI tools and its emails do indeed emulate the real thing very well.

In a September 2022 post on the GhostWrite blog, the software was used to demonstrate several template emails. For one of them, the prompt was “tell people about ghostwrite, the ai email generator,” and the extension had no problem describing how the process works. From a simple prompt in its web interface, “Ghostwrite will then generate a personalized email based on your input … you can then send the generated email to your list of contacts.” It’s an impressive piece of software and a potentially valuable tool for those who find their inboxes rather difficult to keep up with (which is most people), but its limitations suggest it shouldn’t be solely relied upon.


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