Artificial Intelligence is advancing at a crazy rate. From AI writing apps to video and presentation tools, AI is practically everywhere. It’s progressed so much that you can use ChatGPT with Siri on your iPhone. However, that’s not the end of it as even the music industry is on this list. If you thought an AI music generator didn’t exist, you’re wrong. So, to help out aspiring musicians or simply curious minds online, we have scoured the AI world and compiled a list of the best AI music generators. So put aside your guitars, grab your mouse instead, and let’s begin.

Best AI Music Generators In 2023


We start the list with AIVA, an AI music generator that works on a variety of generation profiles that are either user-fed or custom. For those unaware, a generation profile is a pre-created dataset of music that contains a few sample tracks. AIVA can use this data to further evolve on it and create new music. It is chock full of these profiles and ranges from Lo-fi, techno, meditation, afro house, and a lot more. You can choose any of these profiles and then proceed to make your own composition.

ai music generator aiva

Users can then choose the key signature which contains all the scale notes. You can also choose the duration and number of compositions. Once done, the AI music generator spits out an output within a minute. To give credit to the service, the music does sound quite amazing, depending on your chosen style. If you’re not satisfied, AIVA even allows fine editing like tempo, melody, chords, bass, and percussion.

AIVA only allows a maximum song output up to three minutes for the free tier and no monetization. You can get the standard paid plan for €15 per month which gives songs up to five minutes and limited monetization. For those looking for quick and pleasing AI music, check out this generator.

Try AIVA (Paid, starts at €15 per month)

2. Soundraw

If you love sound-making but want a lot more variety, Soundraw is a good option. The AI music generator has a plethora of options when it comes to creating sound. You can choose the song’s tempo, mood, and even genre, theme, and instruments. Unlike AIVA, Soundraw allows users to generate songs as long as five minutes even on the free tier.

ai music generator sound draw

Once your song variations are out, you can always customize them according to your needs. Users can selectively click on parts of a song to change its energy and trend it up or down. You can always selectively trim songs, and even go into Pro mode to tinker with instruments and their elements. Once done, simply download the music from Soundraw and you can use it easily.

However, you do need a permanent license to successfully monetize the songs. For it, you can opt for a personal plan that costs $16.99 per month. You can then use the songs for social platforms, web ads, TV and Radio commercials, and more. Try Soundraw to generate AI music effortlessly.

Try Soundraw (Paid, starts at $16.99 per month)

3. Magenta Studio

If you think Google Bard is the company’s first entry into the AI game, then you are mistaken. Developed by Google, Magenta Studio is a collection of music plugins built on Magenta’s open-source tools and models. You can either use these tools as standalone apps or as plug-ins for Abelton Live. These tools include not only an AI music generator but other capable apps like Interpolate, Drumify, Continue, and Groove.

Magenta studio ai music generator

Magenta’s Generate tool is extremely simple to use and only requires a small one-time download. It creates a four-bar phrase with no input needed from the user. You can either create a drum phrase or a melody. All you need to do is choose the type, output file location, variations, and temperature. The Generate app uses a Variational Autoencoder (VAE) that has been trained on millions of melodies and rhythms to learn music qualities. It then renders the musical file into a MIDI file. The output music, while short, is good for quickly getting users out of creative blocks.

Magenta Studio is fully free to use and keep on your device. Simply download the tools from the below link and begin using the AI music generator easily.

Try Magenta Studio (Free)

4. Synthesizer V

While Magenta Studio is nice, it is limited to simple music generation. Synthesizer V, on the other hand, brings the power of vocals into the equation. This freemium software is an AI voice-to-music AI generator. Synthesizer V has a wide collection of voices, each with its own vocal profile. As you would have expected, the app uses lyrics entered by users and converts those into full-fledged songs.

Synth V ai audio generator

The Synthesizer V app has musical notes on its timeline. It is up to the user to place their desired lyrics on the appropriate notes and create a beautiful melody. There is a good level of customization here, including note alteration, modifying lyrics, stretching them according to your length, and more. While the free version has only a few voices available, they are enough to get started with.

Synthesizer V Studio Pro is the paid version, which comes with a plethora of different voices and even more customization. You can get the same for a one-time payment of $89. The AI music generator is definitely a must-try if one wants to experiment with voices.

Try Synthesizer V (Free, Get the Pro version for a one-time payment of $89)

5. Voicemod Text to Song Converter

While Synthesizer V is an intricate AI music generator, you do require a certain skill set to use it. However, Voicemod takes that away with its ready-to-use design. The AI music generator is available on the web and packs in a lot of features. Since the tool is online, you can use Voicemod anywhere, including your PC and mobile devices. Like other services, the AI music generator creates songs out of any lyrics you input into it.

You get started by choosing a song type out of more than 16 different types on the website. This ranges from simple pop samples to more detailed EDM and even Christmas music. Users can then choose from seven different singers. The vocals also differ as one song has a classical soprano voice while the other has a Mezzo or a pop one.

ai music generator choose singer

You can mix and match voices, but it’s better to match them with the melody. Finally, Voicemod asks for lyrics. The AI music generator has no strict rules regarding what goes, so you can experiment with just about anything. Once done, the sound generator takes a minute or two and dishes out a song. The output, while not the best, is definitely amazing for an AI.

Ai music generator final song

The generator sometimes does get confused with the tone but depending on the lyrics it gets them in the end. The best part is that the AI music generator is fully free to use. Just make an account and get started.

Try Voicemod Text to Song Converter (Free)

6. Image to Sound Effect

While all the above AI music generators rely on lyrics to output songs, this interesting tool focuses on images. The image-to-sound effect generator outputs sound through CoCa Image Captioning and AudioLDM. The tool is currently based on Huggingface and is really easy to use.

Image to Sound Effect

All the users need to do is upload an image and choose from a few settings. The tool primarily has a duration that goes up to 10 seconds and the song speed. While it derives a prompt from the image automatically, you can manually add a description if you like. Once chosen, give it a couple of minutes and with until it gives out a song. In most cases, the sound effect or melody is apt and certainly interesting. It did spazz out fully when we uploaded an image of Kanye West, but that’s understandable. However, note that if you’re looking for a full-fledged song generator, you should give this one a pass.

Try Image to Sound Effect (Free)

7. Boomy

Boomy is yet another AI music generator that creates a good amount of beats for users. Like other music generators, Boomy offers a range of styles including Rap Beats, EDM, Lo-Fi, Experimental, and even custom styles. Boomy then provides users with specific tracks the AI will sample from. Depending on your taste, you can choose or reject them.

Boomy AI Music generator

That’s all it takes for this AI music generator to output a tune. While generators like Magenta and Soundraw give multiple versions, Boomy sticks to a single one. As such, one needs to repeat the steps to get fresh tunes. However, Boomy brings an interesting feature that other apps don’t. The music generator gives Dolby Mastering, which lets users choose a song sample and master it to over 40 music platforms. However, this is a paid feature that costs $9.99 per song. Nonetheless, Boomy itself is completely free to use.

Try Boomy (Free)

8. Melobytes

Melobytes is one of those AI music generators that come packed in an old-school website. However, it also turned out to be one of the fastest at giving outputs. While a user can go about using Melobyte’s other audio tools, their AI music tool is our focus here. The AI music generator has dozens of music styles to offer. This range not only from the old school options, but go all the way up to classic symphony styles like Bach, Beethoven, Vivaldi, and even Chopin.

melobytes ai music generator

Users can also choose other elements such as tempo, bars, and go into finer detail by choosing the instrument notes and even audio effects. Once all is done, Melobytes outputs a MIDI file that can be downloaded. As mentioned above, the generator is super fast. It rendered an almost 5-minute song in ten seconds flat. The output quality is not exactly at par with other AI music generators but is decent enough to sample bits of it. Melobytes is also free to use and you don’t even need an account.

Try Melobytes (Free)

Create Beautiful Compositions with These AI Music Generators

We hope you enjoy creating amazing melodies with these best AI music generators. As time goes on, AI is expanding onto more and more facets of life. From the best AI writing apps to AI image generators, there’s something for everyone to check out during this AI boom. So if you look past the music generators, give these tools a try too. So how’s your experience with these best AI music generators? Let us know in the comments below!


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