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ChatGPT has been all the rage lately and I decided to hop on the trend and see just how clever this AI chatbot really is. The model is designed to “answer follow-up questions, admit its mistakes, challenge incorrect premises, and reject inappropriate requests” in a surprisingly human-like manner.

I asked the chatbotwhere I should live in Ontario and I was shocked at how accurate its responses were. While I’m not looking to move, the question was a fun way to see which places ChatGPT would suggest for me.

I gave it a bit of information about myself and what my ideal living situation would be.

“I’m a 29-year-old journalist who loves quaint towns with European vibes, historic buildings, Victorian homes, and beautiful coffee shops” I said. “I also enjoy going on hikes. Based on this information, where should I live in Ontario?”

ChatGPT instantly responded with five Ontario cities and towns. It even gave detailed reasons on why I should live in these spots and honestly, its answers were spot-on.


Stratford was the chatbot’s first choice for my ideal place to live and I’m 100 percent sold on this idea. Stratford is one of my favourite places in Ontario and it checks all the boxes (cute coffee shops, European vibes, and more).

“This charming town is known for its European charm and historic architecture,” ChatGPT revealed. It also mentioned the Stratford Shakespeare Festival and, as a former theatre major, this was a huge selling point for me. The Avon Trail and the Stratford Rotary Complex Trail are apparently beautiful places for a hike.


Next up was Niagara-on-the-Lake, another favourite destination of mine.

“This picturesque town is located in the heart of wine country and is known for its Victorian homes and beautiful gardens,” said ChatGPT.

“It’s also close to several hiking trails, including the Niagara River Recreation Trail and the Bruce Trail.”

I love visiting this area, especially for summer concerts and the Icewine Festival in the winter. The quaint main street always makes me feel like I’m in a European village.


I had to give ChatGPT bonus points for this answer because I actually lived in Kingston for five years. The model suggested this spot because of its “beautiful architecture” and “vibrant downtown” and I couldn’t agree more.

I also loved all the cafés and restaurants the area has to offer. While I feel like my Kingston days are behind me, you never know what the future holds.


I was born just outside of Elora and spent a lot of my childhood in this gorgeous spot. ChatGPT selected this small town because of its “beautiful architecture and scenic hiking trails” such as the Elora Gorge Conservation Area.

Not to mention, Elora has the cutest local shops and cafés, making it an absolutely incredible place to live.


I’ve never been to Dundas, which is a small town close to Hamilton, but apparently, it should be on my radar when it comes to places to live.

The AI chatbot told me that it’s “known for its historic buildings and quaint downtown. It’s also close to several hiking trails, including the Dundas Valley Conservation Area and the Bruce Trail.”

I’m not ready to pack my bags, but if that time comes, I can definitely see myself living in one of these places (Stratford is calling to me), so I have to commend ChatGPT for just how well it answered.

I’m currently based in Toronto and seeing as the city didn’t make the list , maybe I should consider moving after all!

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