ChatGPT is an amazing tool if used properly. That’s how I prefer to think about it; a means to an end, a handy bit of equipment in the contemporary toolbox that could improve your coding, help you think up ideas for a cool birthday party or answer your questions in a simpler, more interactive way. So far ChatGPT has helped me pick puppy names, written me love poems and proven to be just as intelligent as a nine-year-old (OK, that last one is a bit spooky). 

One thing ChatGPT will not do, in my opinion, is replace human input and artistry. You’ve probably read about companies laying off employees in favor of the chatbot, or implementing it into their workflow to maximise output. While it’s easy to start worrying about ChatGPT taking your job, it’s also important not to get swept up in the hype and recognise that the AI-powered chatbot has limitations. 


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