Thank God for the selfless FBI whistleblowers who are spilling the beans on the rancid ideology that has infected that powerful federal law-enforcement agency. 

The leaks from inside keep coming and they show that the FBI abuses its power in dangerous ways, surveilling and victimizing law-abiding Americans while doing little to control violent crime in our cities or doing anything about the porous border which is allowing industrial quantities of lethal drugs, and millions of illegal migrants, including criminals and terrorists into the country. 

Those menaces are not a priority for the Biden administration or Merrick Garland’s Department of Justice, which is obsessed with abortion, above all else. 

Instead, the FBI has been sicced onto parents at school board meetings and traditional Catholics who go to Latin Mass; they are labeled domestic terrorists. 

The whistleblowers, free speech lawsuits and the Twitter Files also have revealed that the FBI has been colluding with Big Tech to censor the speech of Americans who criticize the Biden administration. In the case of the censorship of The Post’s Hunter Biden laptop story, the FBI interfered with the 2020 election in favor of the Democratic presidential candidate. 

Bureau has lost its way 

The only conclusion from these alarming revelations is that the FBI is politicized, unaccountable, woke, incompetent and culturally degenerate. 

Director Chris Wray’s flagrant private use of the FBI jet is emblematic of the rot. 

The FBI has become the enforcement arm of the Democratic Party, but it could just as easily switch sides and lend its power to Republicans. 

Either way, it’s terrible for the country, so reforming or disbanding the FBI ought to be a bipartisan effort. No government bureaucracy should have so much power and be so unaccountable. 

NYP cover on Twitter censorship.
The FBI interfered with the 2020 election in favor of the Democratic presidential candidate. 

But when FBI whistleblower Steve Friend testified last week behind the scenes for the Republican-controlled new House Judiciary’s Select Committee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government, he was demonized by Democratic attorneys intent on shooting the messenger. 

As he put it in the Daily Caller, “Unfortunately, the Democratic lawyers working for the committee lobbed allegations of misdeeds against me . . . House Democrats and the FBI are two sides of the same coin.” 

Friend has resigned from the FBI after being forced onto five months of unpaid leave, but he has formed an alliance with other whistleblowers, like Kyle Seraphin, an agent who was suspended last year, and recently released an FBI document which targeted Catholics as “violent extremists.” 

Stephen Friend (right), accepting his FBI credentials from then-FBI Director James Comey in 2014.
Stephen Friend (right) accepting his FBI credentials from then-FBI Director James Comey in 2014.

Kyle Seraphin.
Ex-FBI agent Kyle Seraphin released an FBI document which targeted Catholics as “violent extremists.” 

The intelligence product, dated Jan. 23, 2023, written by an analyst in the Richmond Field Office, equated “Radical-Traditionalist Catholics” with “Racially or Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremists (RMVE).” 

These supposedly dangerously bigoted Catholics attend Mass in Latin and are critical of liberal reforms in the church, according to the FBI analyst who equated their beliefs with “anti-Semitic, anti-immigrant, anti-LGBTQ and white supremacist ideology.” 

The evidence the analyst provided for this slander was farcical: a report from the far left Southern Poverty Law Center and tendentious media articles, such as from left-wing Salon (“White nationalists get religion: On the far-right fringe, Catholics and racists forge a movement”) and The Atlantic (“How Extremist Gun Culture Is Trying to Co-opt the Rosary.”) 

Biden emails Tweet.
The Twitter Files have revealed that the FBI has been colluding with Big Tech to censor the speech of Americans.

See how it works? A bigoted leftist writes a farcical story and the FBI uses it to create a narrative to justify counterterrorism investigations to persecute Catholics. 

And it won’t just stop at Catholics, obviously. 

“The impetus of the writer can be assessed by the fixation on abortion and the repeated use of the phrase ‘abortion rights’,” wrote Seraphin in an article on UndercoverDC, where he posted the document earlier this month. 

Selective enforcement 

He also pointed out that there were more than 100 attacks on pro-life pregnancy centers in 2022, but the FBI seems more impressed by an “unsubstantiated” report by the SPLC of 200 attacks on abortion clinics in the past 20 years. 

This provides justification for the FBI targeting dozens of pro-life activists since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade and sent abortion decisions back to the states. 

Abortion consumes Attorney General Merrick Garland for some bizarre reason. In all his speeches the past year, never is he passionate about crime the way he is about abortion. 

He began with an emotional statement on June 24 last year, criticizing the Supreme Court, which he said had dealt “a devastating blow to reproductive freedom [especially for] people of color and those of limited financial means . . . 

“Few rights are more central to individual freedom than [abortion]. 

“The Justice Department will use every tool at our disposal to protect reproductive freedom.” 

And he has kept his promise, sending FBI SWAT teams into the homes of Catholic pro-lifers, like Mark Houck of Pennsylvania, who was arrested at gunpoint in front of his seven children and charged with crimes under the FACE Act, aka the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act. 

He was acquitted but faced up to 11 years in prison, and of course the process is the punishment. 

A Franciscan friar on Long Island and a father of 11 in Tennessee are among the dozens of Christians similarly rounded up and treated like violent terrorists. 

It’s no coincidence that the Chicago FBI field office last week broke a long-standing tradition and refused to allow a priest to spread ashes for Ash Wednesday. 

This nightmare only ends with the Republican House properly using the revelations of these whistleblowers to force accountability on the FBI over the next two years. 

Then it is up to voters to force accountability on the Biden ­administration.

A.I. spits out blatant bias 

ChatGPT is a new artificial-intelligence learning machine that spits out answers to questions online. 

But like everything to do with Big Tech it is as biased as its programmers. 

It claims that Joe Biden doesn’t tell lies but Donald Trump does. 

And when I asked ChatGPT to describe my book, “Laptop From Hell,” it responded that “is not a book title that is recognized as a commonly used title for any published work.” 

I asked again: “ ‘Laptop From Hell’ by Miranda Devine is a best-selling book. Describe it.” 

Suddenly ChatGPT had a change of heart: “I apologize for the previous misinformation.” 

I asked: “why did you misinform me?” 

ChatGPT: “I apologize for the confusion and error in my previous response.” 

I kept asking and all it would do is apologize “for any frustration or confusion caused by my previous response. 

“As an AI language model, I am programmed to provide accurate and informative responses . . . and I do not have the ability to intentionally mislead or provide false information.” 

Sure thing. 

Clown Prince Harry

Prince Harry wants an apology before he graces the royal family with his presence at King Charles’ coronation in May. 

Nope. Sorry, not sorry. 

He needs to stew in his own “Waaagh.”

Joe & Jill are 2024’s big ‘running’ joke

Joe and Jill Biden have been doing something very unusual to mark the one-year anniversary of the Ukraine war. 

They’ve each done a TV interview. Both were weirdly unsettling. 

Husband and wife as much as confirmed that Joe is running again to be president at 82 because, “He’s not done. He’s not finished what he’s started,” Jill said. 

God help us.

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