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ChatGPT’s remarkable development has fueled worries that artificial intelligence (AI) might reinvent employment, search engines, and schools. Yet, as per digital artists, fiber arts seems to be one field immune to the computerization trend.

According to The Guardian, some TikTok users have used ChatGPT to draft crochet designs with “cursed” outcomes pushing emerging AI’s limits.

‘Crochet Monstrosity’

TikTok user Alexandra Woolner, a longtime knitter and newbie crocheter, came up with the idea to utilize ChatGPT to create a plush animal in January, originally commissioning it to draft instructions for a narwhal.

The use of abbreviations and punctuation to denote the production process in a standard crochet design makes it reminiscent of coding in certain ways. The letters “ch” and “sc” stand for “chain” and “single crochet,” respectively. Although brackets [] are used to separate iterative phases in the instructions, an asterisk (*) indicates that the step in question should be repeated.

Woolner was pleased that ChatGPT delivered thorough instructions that followed a pattern. After carefully following the instructions, they ended up with an “AI-generated narwhal crochet monstrosity.” Woolner acknowledged the product’s troubling anatomical details but praised the language-learning algorithm for coming up with a pattern that resulted in a marine monster.

It appears incorrect and ugly but incredibly attractive, as per many who have seen it.

Woolner claims that the video has received unprecedented attention online, with over 900,000 views on the original and thousands more on subsequent posts. As one commenter put it, “There are some things AI cannot steal.”

   @generatedcrochet It’s cursed and I love it. #AI #crochet #narwhal #knit #WorstedWAITaminute ♬ original sound – Generated Crochet  

Human-Machine Collaboration

Woolner is one of many designers thinking about how ChatGPT may be used in conjunction with crochet.

London-based crocheter Lily Lanario was encouraged to investigate crochet-related ChatGPT applications since the centuries-old craft has so far eluded mechanical reproduction due to its unpredictable and free-flowing stitches.

She stated she wanted to study human-machine collaboration in a realm computers cannot yet take.

Lanario had ChatGPT create many designs, some more successful than others, including a cat, a duck, and a Pikachu. She said that the program was able to fix poorly drafted designs by revising the directions when she requested modifications like new colors or the addition of a missing body part.

 @lilylanario Replying to @mina Another attempt at asking AI for a crochet pattern ‍ #crochet #amigurumi #cat #chatgpt #ai #fyp #fypシ ♬ Lo-fi hip hop – NAO-K  

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ChatGPT’s Weakness

Jessica Newman, head of UC Berkeley’s Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity’s AI security effort, said crochet patterns are harder for the computer to comprehend than words since they involve numbers.

ChatGPT is a huge language model of artificial intelligence that predicts the next words in human conversation by training on massive text datasets. Numbers are complex for these tools. Apparently, math is ChatGPT’s weakness.

Newman noted that generative AI systems do not grasp any context. They are only guessing what should come next.

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