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Generative AI is set to revolutionize event marketing. This native integration with event management platform InEvent is the next step towards AI-written copy becoming commonplace across business events.

Atlanta-based event tech company InEvent announced a new integration with Open AI’s popular generative artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot ChatGPT. The integration is the first of its kind in event technology and makes ChatGPT available natively, directly in the platform.

InEvent CEO Pedro Góes announced the integration via a video on Twitter.

The integration focuses on the type of event marketing functionality we have covered, one of the most valuable ways for planners to take advantage of the power of ChatGPT. It places ChatGPT as an option in the text editor for email and landing page creation. It will surely be a time-saving feature for planners who want to use AI to help in creating promotional copy.

ChatGPT can add personalization tokens, such as [first name] or [company name], directly into the text it generates. The integration is also available when creating surveys, adding polls, or moderating Q&A.

“For years, it has been our continued goal to innovate and fine-tune the event management process to be as easy as clicking a button, and we believe that ChatGPT moves us closer in that direction,” said InEvent CEO Pedro Góes.

Góes also tweeted that the InEvent team has “trained over 100 models with emails from our previous marketing events so we can provide accurate scenarios for our clients.” This statement suggests that InEvent can add more value to its integration based on how clients have used the system.

A wide range of event technology companies has made use of AI for several years. Matchmaking is one of the most common uses. Companies such as Grip, Brella, and Swapcard all use of AI for improving networking. Spotme and Stova also boast AI capabilities in other areas, while behvioral analytics company Zenus makes AI a core part of its offering.

InEvent raised $2 million in February 2021. The company, based in Atlanta, has not reported any significant layoffs and has more than 100 staff worldwide.


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