As OpenAI’s chatGPT — an AI-powered chatbot — takes the internet by storm for its ability to directly answer questions conversationally, Alphabet Inc.’s GOOG GOOGL management has reportedly declared a “code red” to deal with the threat, it was reported in December 2022.

What Happened: Google CEO Sundar Pichai has been involved in a series of meetings to define Google’s AI strategy, reported New York Times. 

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Pichai has also upended the work of various groups inside the company to respond to the threat that chatGPT poses, the report noted, citing a memo and audio recording. 

Teams within Google’s research, Trust and Safety and other departments have been reassigned to develop and release new AI prototypes and products by May 2023 — when a major conference is expected to be hosted by the tech giant. 

The company has tasked its employees with building new AI products that can create artwork and images like OpenAI’s DALL-E technology. 

Google intends to make its LaMDA chat technology a cloud computing service for outside businesses. 

Why It’s Important: Google has been reluctant to overhaul its search engine and share a full-fledged chatbot as its flagship service broadly. This is primarily because the service could struggle with concerns similar to chatGPT, including potential generation of false, toxic or biased information, the report noted.

Microsoft Corporation also had to shut down its chatbot Tay in less than a day over concerns related to posting offensive and racist content.

This story was originally published on Dec. 22, 2022.

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