ChatGPT is limited still by its offline connectivity. The current version remains as a beta test, and its functionality is somewhat limited as a result. ChatSonic doesn’t suffer from the same limitations (via WriteSonic). WriteSonic, the ChatSonic parent organization, notes that the AI system features voice command recognition, a mobile app, and integrations with Google’s search functionality. These are all features that aren’t available to ChatGPT users.

ChatSonic can also create artwork, something that still is yet to be unveiled with the ChatGPT platform. These features make ChatSonic a potent AI tool that can accomplish a huge volume of tasks for the average and advanced user alike. 

Augustman notes that the primary difference is in ChatSonic’s capacity to access the internet. This means that ChatSonic responses are up to date and can be backed up by sourcing. One major gripe among ChatGPT users is the fact that the platform does its best to provide accurate and informative information, but the responses generated can sometimes be incorrect or misleading because of a lack of resources that would ensure accurate responses at all times.

One final thing to keep in mind is that ChatSonic is limited to 25 responses per day without a premium subscription. This may not be a problem for casual users, but for those who rely on the system to provide a wealth of feedback on numerous topics, those 25 AI generations can go in a flash.


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