A never-ending replication of Seinfeld generated by AI has attracted thousands of viewers on Twitch.

The stream, which has aired non-stop since December 14 last year, is almost entirely generated by algorithms. It’s titled Nothing, Forever, a reference to the ‘90s sitcom being the so-called “show about nothing”.

Created by Skyler Hartle and Brian Habersberger, the show uses a combination of machine learning, generative algorithms and cloud services to create a Seinfeld parody, using OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model.

Nothing, Forever features animated versions of the main Seinfeld cast, including Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer, but with dialogue that often doesn’t make sense, characters who wander off aimlessly, and a badly-timed laugh track.

Speaking about the project to Vice, Hartle said: “The actual impetus for this was it originally started its life as this weird, very, off-center kind of nonsensical, surreal art project. But then we kind of worked over the years to bring it to this new place. And then, of course, generative media and generative AI just kind of took off in a crazy way over the past couple of years.”

Explaining how it works on Reddit, one of the creators wrote: “We set out to build something weird, new, and novel, and this is what we ended up with. Aside from the artwork and the laugh track you’ll hear, everything else is generative, including: dialogue, speech, direction (camera cuts, character focus, shot length, scene length, etc), character movement, and music.”

At the time of writing, the stream currently has over 12,000 viewers on Twitch.

Viewers have since shared clips of weird moments from the stream on social media. You can check some out below.


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